Taylor Swift Slams Olly Murs For “Sexist” Comments

She’s no stranger to receiving criticism for her breakup songs, but Taylor Swift wasn’t keen on Olly Murs’ sentiments regarding her Harry Styles-inspired lyrics.

Last week the English hunk made fun of Swift for her new song “Out of the Woods,” noting, “Come on [Taylor], let it go. Write something new that isn’t about Harry. Bless him, it’s been like two years and he’s still getting lashed out isn’t he?”

And today (October 20) Taylor retorted, “You’re going to have people that are going to see the depth from which you approached a song – that you put your real emotions into it and that that’s valuable and that’s good and that’s real. And then you’re going to have people who are going to say, ‘Oh you know she just writes songs about her ex-boyfriends.”

She added, “But I think frankly that’s a very sexist angle to take. No one says that about Ed Sheeran. No one says that about Bruno Mars. [They're] writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love life and no one raises a red flag there.”

As a result, Olly apologized. “They were having a banter with me, they said what they said about Harry and (Taylor’s) song and all I said was ‘Give him a break.’ I have reached out to her, she knows I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it and it was all in jest. I am a music fan and I am interested in what everyone is doing.”

Shia LaBeouf Praises Ben Affleck in Interview Magazine November 2014

Though his personal issues sometimes overshadow his talent and enthusiasm for his craft, Shia LaBeouf has a proven track record of doing great work.

The “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” stud chatted with Interview magazine about his crazy life and roller coaster career, starting with 2003’s “The Battle of Shaker Heights.”

Shia began, “I was just joyful to have a trade. At that point, meeting Ben Affleck and Matt Damon was like, ‘Wow.’ I’d worked with Jon Voight on Holes, and he was a hero for my father. But Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were heroes from my generation. It was a level that I didn’t think I would ever attain. We were still living in this ‘Holy sh*t, this is really happening to us’ kind of thing. And it wasn’t just a solo thing, like I’d jaunted off on my own. My mom was a fabric salesman, my dad was a drug dealer, among other things, and they both quit their trades to become sort of like carnie folk and do this thing with me. So it was big for all of us when Project Greenlight [the HBO reality show, the second season of which documented the embattled making of Shaker Heights] happened. My mother was so impressed with Ben Affleck being at the premiere. Ben is a really charming dude. He was the first guy who really took me off to the side and made me feel like I could do it.”

Of his conversation with Affleck, LaBeouf shared, “[He said] ‘Keep your head on straight, kid, and don’t let all this get to you.’ He knew that I had cameras in my face and that there were expectations to perform. I think that’s always been my issue. I’m prone to theatrics in my life.”

“When you’re in front of a film crew, the worst thing that an actor can be is boring, and that flows over into my life. Ben saw that I turned reality up to 11. I was a wild man at that wrap party. I was still very edgy and remained so for a long time—and that was sort of my appeal to a lot of directors and casting agents. Ben saw that and was trying to curb it before it became an issue. He was unsuccessful.”

Shia continued, “Spielberg was the next guy to try—I remember him saying to me, ‘Tom Cruise never picks his nose in public.’ And all I thought was, ‘I don’t want to be Tom Cruise.’ It was this gut reaction. And Steven was a hero in my house. I remember when I was 3, taking baths with my mom, her petting my head and going, ‘One day you’re going to meet Steven Spielberg.’ And then it happened. He made that comment to me right around the time Vanity Fair put out a piece with me in a spacesuit saying I was the next Tom Hanks. And though I respect both Hanks and Cruise, it just didn’t appeal to my sensibilities. They’re both great actors. But I just didn’t feel like we were cut from the same fabric. My upbringing was darker. The guys who I looked up to were far darker. So I rejected that label hard.”

As for his role models, the “Nymphomaniac” actor noted, “Gary Oldman, Sean Penn, Joaquin Phoenix—guys who dealt with material that had more intrinsic value. This can be a very debilitating job for an actor. Sometimes you don’t have any say about your creative process. And when I watched the movies of the guys I admired, it felt like they had put a spin on it. They were working on things that appealed to a certain kind of mythos. Whereas I think Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks came with something more heroic about them. Even in the comics I used to read, I didn’t like Superman, I liked Venom. I was raised on The Simpsons, Bebe’s Kids, and South Park. I was raised with irony. And when I watch Sean Penn or Johnny Depp, guys who skew toward irony, it’s far more appealing to me.”

Rita Ora Is Colorful at BBC Radio 1

She always likes to make a good impression, and Rita Ora seemed to be in good spirits as she stepped out for some media duties in London today (October 20).

Sporting a yellow, pink, orange and white coat with flared overalls and a burgundy felt hat, the “How We Do” singer greeted fans as she strolled up to BBC Radio 1 Studios.

On Sunday (October 19) Rita served as a co-host at the Radio 1 Teen Chioice Awards at Wembley Arena.

While chatting about the upcoming evening’s guests, Ms. Ora was especially excited to see Ariana Grande. She declared, “I love her. She’s so cute.”

Lorde’s “Royals” Banned By San Francisco Radio Station

They take their baseball pretty seriously out in San Francisco and one local radio station has announced a temporary ban on a popular song while the World Series is going on.

Lorde’s hit single “Royals” will not be played on KFOG for the time being, given that the San Francisco Giants are battling the Kansas City Royals for Major League glory.

The station tweeted a notice of the new policy on Friday (October 17), though the whole thing seems pretty harmless.

KFOG wrote, “No offense, Lorde, but for the duration of the World Series, KFOG Radio will be a ‘Royals’-free zone. We’re sure you understand.”

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Shocking “Gotham” Audition: “I Went Method!”

She’s not someone with whom to be trifled, and when Jada Pinkett Smith decided she wanted a role in the hit television show “Gotham,” she went all out.

During her panel at PaleyFest over the weekend, the “Collateral” cutie recalled her audition for the gig, when she met executive producer Danny Cannon for the first time.

“I said, ‘Forget it, instead of talking about who Fish Mooney is, let me show you. I went method.”

As it turns out, “method” meant that Jada wore a long gown with a wig and brought a shirtless man on a leash with “Liar” written in lipstick across his forehead. And she got the part.

Gwen Stefani Drops “Baby Don’t Lie” Single: Listen Here!

It’s always exciting when she announces a new project and Gwen Stefani has a fresh single on the way called “Baby Don’t Lie.”

Earlier today the “Hollaback Girl” singer uploaded the audio from the ditty, and it’s laced with a electro-reggae beat and plenty of synth sounds.

“Baby Don’t Lie” is the lead single from Stefani’s third solo album, and it’s her first new solo material since The Sweet Escape eight years ago.

Check out the audio clip and then head back over to the GossipCenter tomorrow (October 21) for the official music video for “Baby Don’t Lie.”