Kaley Cuoco Talks Nude Photo Leak on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

She was among over 100 celebrities who had naked pictures stolen and posted on the internet, but Kaley Cuoco didn’t freak out like many of her peers.

The super-hot “Big Bang Theory” star stopped by “ Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night (September 18) to discuss her own philosophy on the whole birthday suit ordeal.

Kaley declared, “You know, you gotta make fun of yourself,” also noting that she alerted her family and husband to the situation.

From there, Cuoco found a picture of herself and her hubby on the beach and doctored it up to look like her breasts and his crotch are blurred out (they were wearing swimsuits in the original photo).

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Launches Coca-Cola Life in London

Showing some love to her hometown fans, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stepped out for some promotional duties on Friday morning (September 19).

The “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” dame smiled for the cameras at the launch of Coca-Cola Life on South Molton Street, looking stunning in a cleavage-baring white getup.

Recently, Rosie opened up about her entrepreneurial pursuits, noting the importance of diversifying one’s own arsenal.

She told Industrie magazine, “I realized early on that nothing lasts forever, especially as a model – you have to build something for yourself from it. Looks go and you fade. Modelling is short-lived. I wanted something for when I want to take a back seat. There’ll be a brand that I’ll be sitting at the helm of and enjoying. This is really the start of something I see as a long-term thing.”

Aubrey Plaza Scores “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever” Voice Lead!

She plays negative hipster April Ludgate on “Parks and Recreation” and now Aubrey Plaza is putting her bad attitude to good use as the voice of Grumpy Cat.

The “Safety Not Guaranteed” gal has signed on for the forthcoming Lifetime TV movie “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever,” slated to air on Saturday, November 29th at 8:00pm ET.

Per the synopsis, “The live-action Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever will tell the story of a pet store kitty that is consistently passed over by shoppers, until a girl who can communicate with the cat comes along.”

Meanwhile, Anna Kendrick posted a humorous message via Twitter to Plaza after learning that she got the part- “Shut the f*king f*ck up. I’ve never felt professional jealously like this. Meow bb.” Plaza wrote back, “I ONLY DID TO GET UR ATTENTION.”

Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea Are Booty-Full in New “Booty” Music Video: Watch Here!

They’re both known for their perky posteriors, and Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea joined forces for a backside sexy clip for their hit single “Booty.”

The “Jenny From the Block” babe gets up close and personal with the “Fancy” rapper, unafraid to steam things up with a little girl-on-girl action.

And during the course of the video, Jennifer and Iggy end up rubbing their butts on each other and flexing their own twerking talents.

Check out the new “Booty” music video from Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea and get ready for an abundance of a**!

Chris Brown Talks Jail: I Got Fat!

He’s used to leading an active, healthy lifestyle but when Chris Brown spent three months in a Los Angeles jail cell, the sedentary situation took a toll on his rock-hard body.

The “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer told Extra, “My normal weight is like 180 [and] I was 215 when I got out of jail.”

“I couldn’t fit in my jeans, fit in my clothes. I was scared to go out, I was like, ‘Man, people will see me and I look fat,’ so after a while I went and played a lot of basketball, a lot of cardio… [and] I was always dancing, always dancing, trying to get my body back.”

He continued, “It was definitely one of the things I’ll never forget. For me, I just learned that nobody’s invincible, everybody’s equal, at the same time no amount of celebrity status, no amount of how many fans love you, no amount of anything can deter you away from the real if you make a mistake and nobody’s excusable…I think for me it was a humbling experience for me to become a man and mature.”

And now he’s on the straight and narrow path- “I see my therapist twice a week, it’s amazing and I was at first adamant about it, like, ‘I don’t want to go to therapy, I’m not going to talk to anybody,’ but as I went through it and kept talking, it’s actually very therapeutic.”

“For me it was more of an opportunity for me to understand my feelings and understand what I was dealing with in my own life. I didn’t know how to express myself without it being anger or aggression because I felt a certain way, but now it’s more of me being able to control it and understand it.”

Kendall, Georgia & Cara: Fendi Fashion Show Fabulous

Now that Milan Fashion Week is underway, stars are flocking to the gorgeous Italian city in hopes of seeing the next big thing in apparel.

Kendall Jenner scored yet another big gig, this time walking on Alberta Ferretti’s runway as a follow-up to her successful showing in NYC earlier this month.

And it seems Ms. Jenner made quite an impression on designer Tommy Hilfiger, as he told press, “She is great, just great. She is amazing. She is a great model and she is a sweetheart. She is going to be a big star! She thanked me! Out of all the models only Kendall and Georgia May Jagger thanked me for putting them in the show. And you don’t really always get that from lots of models and lots of superstars, so they were very appreciative, very polite and very nice.”

Also on the Fendi catwalk were popular posers like Georgia May Jagger and Cara Delevingne , who paraded past the crowd in the Italian label’s latest looks.