Christina respects her body


Christina Aguilera has suddenly started respecting her post pregnancy body.

The Dirrty hitmaker gave birth to son Max in January and is quite thrilled about what a female body can do during pregnancy.

She said: “I really have a newfound respect for the female body after going through that process. I still have a way to go with losing the weight but I will start working out and boxing soon, but I’m not going to go crazy about it.”

She additionally says how she knocked off those pregnancy pounds.

She says, I had to really curb my love for junk food. And it’s not just about looking good. I don’t want to get heart disease or cancer. It’s vital to take care of yourself – particularly as a woman.”

Three cheers to women!!!

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Eva desperate to star a family


EVa Longoria Parker is desperate housewife as she is desperate to have kids with hubby Tony Parker.

She said to a mag, “We can’t’’ wait to start a family.”

“I’m so excited about that chapter in our lives and you’ll know what it happens.”

Eva insists that even after an year of marriage, she and Tony still behave and feel like newly wed couple.

She says, “After one year you’re not called newlyweds, but we still feel like we got married yesterday.”

“Married life agrees with me considering I’m very traditional and I’m very domestic and Tony is the same way.”

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Beyonce to collaborate with X-Factor Winner

X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke is on a high these days as she is all set to hit the stage with super singer Beyonce Knowles.

Beyonce will perform with Alexandra in London, Birmingham and Manchester.beyonce_knowles_alexandra_burke_x_factor.jpg

A source says, “Beyoncé was blown away by Alex.

“She thought she had exceptional talent and told her so during their rehearsal for last week’s performance of Listen.

“In the dressing room, Beyoncé told Alex she’d like to work with her in the future and suggested the possibility of recording a new separate together. She plus said she’d love Alex to take part in her UK tour, possibly as a support act, although nothing is set in stone yet.

“After their duet last week Beyoncé soon after told X Factor supremo SIMON COWELL ‘I want to work with that lady. She is going to be a massive star’.

“Alex couldn’t believe what she hearing.

“Beyoncé is one of her all-time heroes and to be given her approval is like a dream come true.

“Beyoncé was outstanding and really helped Alex shine.”

Good job Beyonce )

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