Beyonce was a tomboy

Beyonce Knowles on AMAs[2].jpg Beyonce Knowles is a graceful glamorous singer, but she reveals that she was a complete tomboy in her younger days.

She reveals, “Growing up, I was a tomboy.I refused to carry a purse and wouldn’t wear a dress. That was the eighties and it was all about the hip-hop influence – baggy jeans and big shirts. [My mother] hated it!”

The ‘Crazy in Love’ hitmaker insists that Charlize Theron is her fashion icon, “Charlize Theron is always beautiful and feminine. I love her couture looks and dramatic silhouette. Halle Berry is elegant and sophisticated. “I love that in the seventies Cher and Diana Ross looked like superstars and never played it safe. When they were onstage, they gave you drama – and I love drama.”

Well Beyonce we count you as our fashion icon. )

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Beyonce Knowles becomes a hot blonde

beyonce_blondewig_4.jpg Beyonce Knowles has done away with her dark flowy locks for a short blonde crop.

But we are lucky that the blonde look is temporary, as the Bootylicious babe is seen wearing the wig for her role in the flick Cadillac Recors.

The sexy singer will be seen playing the role of singing star Etta James. So do you like the look?

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Pamela Anderson hits out at Jordan


Pamela Anderson has got another celebrity ready for her attack and that day its Katie Price for “showing off” her kids on TV.

She says, said: “I have no concept how she became famous. She shows off her kids all the day in TV shows – that’s beyond low.

“I’d never do that. Kids can’t form that decision at that age, can they?”

Katie Price currently stars in Katie and Peter: The Next Chapter Down Under with hubby Peter Andre, where they are followed by cameras 24/7.

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Eva Longoria happy with Tony Parker


Eva Longoria has denied the rumors about the rift amoung her and hubby Tony Parker.

She says,  “I know Tony and I aren’t breaking up. I know we’re not cheating.”

The actress allegedly threatened to leave her basketball player hubby whether they didn’t have kids.

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Christina Aguilera plans to remain Dirrty


Christina Aguilera may be a mother of a kid, but she doesn’t want to mellow down her raunchy image.

The singer recently performed a raunchy gig where she left the audience spellbound with her sexy moves.

She says, “I’m an artist and I must express myself as I see fit. Sometimes, whether there’s a naughty move here or there, so be it. It’s part of who I am and sexuality has always been something that I loved to express and be proud of.”

Well go ahead baby with your sexuality. )

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