Pamela Anderson romancing Dubai Sheikh

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If rumors are to be believed, buxom babe, Pamela Anderson is dating a Sheikh from United Arab Emirates. And the guy is apparently from the Abu Dhabi royal family.

The blond babe has been quiet about her new man, but has given a brief introduction about her man to close friends and family. She lovingly calls him Milk-Sheik.

They were recently spotted enjoying themselves with their friends at the Abbey in West Hollywood.

A source says, “He’s very good-looking.”

Well Pammy must be shaking her booty and boobs for her Sheikh.

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Eva Longoria avoids smooching scenes


Eva Longoria Parker, doesn’t like to smooch anybody except her husband and thus tries to convince her movie bosses to change a kissing scene into a hugging scene instead.

The Desperate Housewives star finds it strange to kiss unknown men on screen, “I always try to talk my way out of kissing scenes: ‘Do they really need to kiss in that part? Can’t they just hug?’ The directors are like, ‘No!’” she says.

She even avoids kissing her Desperate Housewives onscreen hubby Ricardo, saying, “Ricardo (Chavira) hates kissing me. We are both not really fond of the kissing scenes.”

Well Tony Parker must be one happy man for certain.

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Eva Longoria varietys herself a terrible wife


Eva Longoria revealed that she was nothing less than ‘’a terrible wife” to husband Tyler Christopher.

The actress married the General Hospital star in 2002, but divorced him after two years.

Eva says, “He was a lovely man, but I was very young. I didn’t know who I was, and I was still struggling as an actor. I was a terrible wife.”

Longoria who is now wife to basketball star Tony Parker insists that now her married life is wonderful.

She says, “When we got hitched, we were ready. Married life is wonderful. My amazing husband understands and supports me. I feel secure, solid and safe. I’m so happy to know Tony has chosen me for the rest of his life.”

I hope history doesn’t repeats itself for Longoria again.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z fight by babies


Beyonce Knowles and her rapper husband Jay-Z have started fighting just after four-months of marriage – as Knowles wants to give priority to her career and Jay-Z wants babies.

A source close to the rapper says, “Jay Z is ready to have children. He [and Beyonce] dated for years, now they’re married…and for him – it’s moment for children.”

But the Bootylicious star is adamant not to have kids, “Beyonce is very career focused. She has another album due that year and a couple of major film projects in the works,” the source adds.

“Her career is moving at 90 miles per hour and she’s not trying to have it slowed down by a baby.

“[Jay Z and Beyonce] are best friends so it’s not like they’re fighting by it…but they both feel very strongly about [their positions] – whether one of them doesn’t relent, I think it could be a big problem.”

Well hope they try and sort out the problem as soon as possible.

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Cameron Diaz planning to dump Paul Sculfor?


Cameron Diaz must have had decent of her model boyfriend Paul Sculfor as she is planning to dump him.

The actress who turns 36 that month wants to try on a trial separation from the British model.

A source reveals,  “Paul has moved his stuff into Cam’s LA home, but she insists the relationship has no strings attached.”

“She has a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ rule – when they aren’t in each other’s company, they do as they like.”

“Cam keeps telling Paul she’s not ready to settle down and scrapped plans to fly to the UK to meet his family.”

“She turns 36 that month and wants to have fun now.”

“Cameron often goes to Chateau Marmont with her girlfriends, and they aren’t short of admirers.”

As usual Cameron is still unpredictable. So do we see a new man soon?

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Pamela Anderson avoids close-up face shots


Hollywood’s buxom babe, Pamela Anderson who is currently shooting her reality series ‘Pam: Girl on the Loose’ is worried that close-ups of her face might reveal her aging looks to her viewers.

A source says, “Pamela still looks brilliant but is clearly determined to look as great as possible on the show.

“Producers have been informed she has to seem in only flattering lighting– and close ups on her face are apparently a no-no.”

“Pamela has been around that game distant ample to know the pitfalls of a poor camera angle.”

Her reality show debuted on the US TV and has been hit by poor criticism.

One critic describes her as “an unapologetically narcissistic, self-sexualized diva who revels in her earthiness,” adding, “Age may have prompted her to prove there is a person underneath all that hair, behind all that décolletage, but it’s a crowded genre and ‘Girl on the Loose’ seems just a little too little too late.”

Well that’s how new shows turn into no shows. )

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